Theresa & Richard’s Wedding | Blackfox Farms | Cleveland, TN

Finally getting caught up on some blog posts from a while back. Check out this Alice-in-Wonderland themed wedding complete with peacock feathers, gorgeous dresses, hats, fist bumps, high-fives, and tons of fun! “Hey, let’s get married today” Theresa told Richard when he first turned around to see her in her wedding dress. They are such a joy to be around, this wedding was all smiles (except for when Richard dropped the ring in the middle of the ceremony) But even then, you got to see how they made the best of every situation! Near the end of the reception as the dancing was winding down, their close friends and family took time to share stories and tell the couple how much they are loved. Good stuff right there!2012_11_17_SKP032E copy2010_11_17_SKP017 copy2012_11_17_SKP438 copy2012_11_17_SKP261 copy2012_11_17_SKP278 copy2012_11_17_SKP242 copy2012_11_17_SKP069 copy62012_11_17_SKP270 copy2013_5_12_SKP_282LR72012_11_17_SKP853 copy2012_11_17_SKP069 copy32012_11_17_SKP880 copy2012_11_17_SKP897 copy2012_11_17_SKP317 copy2012_11_17_SKP069 copy2012_11_17_SKP319A copy2012_11_17_SKP338 copy2012_11_17_SKP069 copy copy22012_11_17_SKP375 copy2012_11_17_SKP560 copy2012_11_17_SKP656 copy