Robert & Becca’s Wedding | Opryland Hotel | Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

He’s from Kentucky and She’s from New Jersey.  A city gal, and a country guy, Robert and Becca first met as kids when their parents were attending a conference at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. How incredible that years later these two said “I do”  in this same place! Their wedding was so beautiful, I love how they incorporated their friends and family into the ceremony.  Listening as each person told about Becca & Robert’s story was such a special way to get to know these two better, and celebrate their love for each other. After the ceremony, the reception was held in the beautiful Magnolia room at Opryland.  You’ll want to scroll down to the end of the post to see what crazy thing happened at the reception!!

Thanks Becca & Robert for bringing me along on your adventure, it was an honor to get to spend your wedding day with you and capture all the fun.  Congratulations!

Also, big thanks to High Tone Entertainment, Please+Thank You Motion Pictures, Relache Spa, and all the Staff at The Opryland Hotel who all did such a wonderful job making this day special.

2014_04_12_SKP_106LR2014_04_12_SKP_004LR2014_04_12_SKP_100LR1000widthblogverticalLR12014_04_12_SKP_180LR2014_04_12_SKP_035LR1000widthblogverticaLR22014_04_12_SKP_046BWLR1000widthblogverticalLR142014_04_12_SKP_120LR1000widthblogverticalLR31000widthblogverticalLR7Their room overlooked the Delta Pavilion so you could look out and see the ceremony site.
2014_04_12_SKP_221LR1000widthblogverticalLR42014_04_12_SKP_138LR1000widthblogverticalLR5Don’t you just love this dapper bowtie? 2014_04_12_SKP_164LR1000widthblogverticalLR61000widthblogverticalLR82014_04_12_SKP_309LR1000widthblogverticalLR92014_04_12_SKP_377LR2014_04_12_SKP_319LR2014_04_12_SKP_373LR1000widthblogverticalLR131000widthblogverticalLR121000widthblogverticalLR111000widthblogverticalLR102014_04_12_SKP_561LR1000widthblogverticaLR15l1000widthblogverticalLR201000widthblogvertical162014_04_12_SKP_709BWLR2014_04_12_SKP_718BWLR1000widthblogverticalLR171000widthblogverticalLR181000widthblogverticalLR192014_04_12_SKP_492LR2014_04_12_SKP_429LR2014_04_12_SKP_857LR

Each Reception table had a different cake that showcased Becca & Robert’s favorite activities!  These aren’t even all of the cakes, but man – aren’t they super cool!cake_tables1LR2014_04_12_SKP_922LR1000widthblogverticalLR212014_04_12_SKP_1037LRYes, this actually happened!  The groomsmen chained an actual bowling ball to Robert’s feet!  Then gave the bride the key!  Fortunately, Becca is very kindhearted and unlocked him after only a few minutes. I’m still laughing over this one,  definitely NEVER seen this as a wedding before!  Too funny.2014_04_12_SKP_1040LR2014_04_12_SKP_1057LR2014_04_12_SKP_1069LR2014_04_12_SKP_1102LR2014_04_12_SKP_1117LR