McCallie School | Chattanooga, TN

I’m still catching up on blog posts from the old website, and wanted to share these fun photos from this past spring.  It’s been a pleasure to do promotional photos for McCallie school in the past couple years, so I was definitely on board when they wanted me to come back for a more specific marketing need.  These photos were taken over the course of 2 days, to get more variety with the photos, and to be able to make the rounds to the different classrooms to photograph the many amazing teachers they have on staff.  I absolutely loved it, it really is such a wonderful school!  So here are a few photos from the assignment, enjoy!2013_4_16_SKP711LR2013_4_16_SKP709LR2013_4_16_SKP646LR2013_4_16_SKP055LR2013_4_16_SKP084LR2013_4_16_SKP119LR2013_4_16_SKP148LR2013_4_16_SKP140LR2013_4_16_SKP381LR2013_4_16_SKP543LR2013_4_16_SKP428LR2013_4_16_SKP340LR2013_4_16_SKP360LR2013_4_16_SKP439PanoramaLR2013_4_16_SKP366LR2013_4_16_SKP484LR2013_4_16_SKP672LR2013_4_16_SKP417LR2013_4_16_SKP492LR2013_4_16_SKP174LR2013_4_16_SKP185LR2013_4_16_SKP570LR2013_4_16_SKP686LR2013_4_16_SKP575LR2013_4_16_SKP650LR