Jenni & Michael’s Wedding | Acres Verde, Englewood, TN

This was more than a wedding, it was also a going away party for Jenni and Michael, who are moving to Pennsylvania after the honeymoon. I started tearing up on more than one occasion, like during Jenni’s first dance with her father, or when Michael first saw his beautiful bride during the first look session. It was a day filled with genuine love, excitement for the future as well as one really awesome slideshow from Jenni & Michael’s childhood. I loved that Michael’s ring has the word “Faith” inscribed on the inside, and that Jenni’s pearl bracelet belonged to her Grandmother. These are just a couple of the wonderfully special details from this incredible wedding. Here are just a few photographs from the day, enjoy!i-ZJMf3zc-XLi-sGxvm8Ti-Q899jk2i-qqprBDXi-5QNCJ64-XLi-LPfk5r9i-9vZSnPk-XLi-KScmfbzi-gXv47Sj-XLi-PqsLS3t-XLi-GD5ZF6Pi-XN7zbDk-XLi-25Npm9T-XLi-sqXfPCKi-ZjnHPrq-XLi-VVN6VVc-XLi-kKWMdsr-XLi-bZPsfcFi-wt76LbR-XLi-ZCLrNXXi-TSrC7tZ-XLi-nKvwsDd-XLi-2pkMNwki-wN7GBgr